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We are a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

As the worlds #1 supplier of fitness music for over 30 years, we are now offering our huge catalog of covers and dance remixes of the biggest chart hits and original songs for license to cheer and dance editors, schools and teams! With the highest production quality around and new songs added weekly, you've come to the right place for all your cheer and dance music needs.

Questions? Here's how it works:

WHAT DOES YOUR LICENSE COVER? When you purchase a license and download from us, you have the right to use and edit our master recordings in the production of one (1) school/team cheer or dance competition mix. If you want to use the same song in another mix, a new license must be purchased from this website. With each license purchased from us, we will pay a full US statutory rate mechanical license. Further, we will pay this royalty allowing for up to 40 copies of the mix to be distributed internally to the clients, teams, and schools. At checkout, you must specify how many copies of the mix will be distributed

DO YOU OFFER EDITING SERVICES? No, Power Music Trax does not provide editing services. We license our individual songs to cheer and dance editors and/or individual schools and teams who edit their own mixes. Editors may purchase the licenses directly from us or have their clients purchase the licenses. However, editors and/or teams, schools, and squads, licensing songs directly from us are responsible for strict adherence to the terms and conditions outlined in the license agreement which can viewed here: Terms and Conditions.

HOW DO PRE-PAID BUNDLES WORK? If you will be licensing 5 or more songs for your project, we recommend buying a Bundle (see below for Bundle options). Before adding any songs to the Tracklist Area pick one of our Bundle options and Checkout with JUST the Bundle. This will add Store Credit to your Account which you can then use towards all future purchases. For Example: If you purchase the Junior Bundle we will add $200 in Store Credit to your Account but you will only pay $150. That's a 25% Savings!

WHAT DOES A LICENSE COST PER SONG? Save money by prepaying for licenses. Use them as you need them.

Pricing Packages

Single Song
License Single Songs for ONLY $20 per song
Prep Bundle
Get 15% OFF
License 5 Songs for ONLY $17 per song
Junior Bundle
Get 25% OFF
License 10 Songs for ONLY $15 per song
JV Bundle
Get 33% OFF
License 100 Songs for ONLY $13.50 per song
Varsity Bundle
Get 40% OFF
License 500 Songs for ONLY $12 per song
PRO Bundle
Get 45% OFF
License 1,000 Songs for ONLY $11 per song

WHAT DO I GET WITH EACH SONG LICENSE? When you purchase a license for each song, at the completion of checkout you will receive a download link for a ZIP File that contains an uncompressed WAV of the complete song. In addition, many songs have will have acapella and or instrumental bounceouts included with the download package. Refer to the icons noted with each track to see if acapellaʼs and instrumentals are available before purchasing.

WILL I RECEIVE A DOCUMENT AS PROOF THAT THIS MUSIC WAS LEGALLY LICENSED FROM POWER MUSIC TRAX THAT I CAN TAKE WITH ME TO COMPETITION, CAMP, ETC? YES, after checkout is complete, an email will be sent to you which serves as your receipt and also your license documentation which can be kept on file and presented at competitions and events indicating the music on your mix has been licensed from Power Music Trax, a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

CAN I PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD FROM POWER MUSIC TRAX ON MOBILE DEVICES? No, due to the size and type of files downloaded, it is recommended that purchases and downloads are made on a personal computer. In addition, many mobile devices donʼt support flash so samples may not play on your mobile device.

I DONʼT SEE THE SONG IʼM LOOKING FOR - CAN I REQUEST SONGS? We have a huge catalog of songs available for license and we add new tracks every week. We are always open to your suggestions for songs you would like us to produce and add to our catalog. Send your song suggestions here for consideration. Suggest a song.


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